"Tournaments Plus"




Canadian AAA Desert Hockey Classic

Tournament Rules

 1. No photographers are allowed on the bench before, during or after a game. No parents are allowed on the bench or ice before, during or after a UNLESS they are on the coaching staff and on the first game sheet. This is due to new insurance rules as set buy the insurance Company.

 2. The tournament will be played under CHA rules unless specified by the tournament  committee and the tournament rules.

 3. All players must wear CHA or USA approved helmets, neck guards and full face shields.

 4. All players in contact divisions must wear mouth guards.

 5. Penalties: Minor - 2 minutes, Major - 5 minutes, Misconduct - 10 minutes, All penalties are stop time * * * See Mercy Rule.

 6. The Center Red Line is not in Play.

 7. A player can only play for ONE Team and ONE Division.

 8. All Coaches and Managers are Responsible for the conduct and actions of their players, Coaches & Parents during the tournament. Any Abuse, Racial Remarks or Unbecoming Conduct towards any players, Referee’s, Tournament Officials, Arena Personal or other Fans will not be Tolerated and will result in the people or player (s) responsible being ejected for the rest of the tournament and  As well a 5 minute Major Penalty will be assessed to the team with the abusive player or Parent.

 9. All Dressing Rooms Must be left clean by the team. Any room found to be left dirty will result in a 5 Minute Penalty being Assessed to the team at their next Game. (We are not Joking).

10. All Teams are only allowed to Register and Dress 19 players. The Roster you enter on your first game sheet of the tournament is Your Official Roster and once that first game you play has started, the roster is frozen and no other players may be added.

11. NO Stick Measurements will be allowed.

12. Automatic Icing will apply at all Games.

13. One 30 Second Time Out per game will be allowed to each team. (No Accumulating).

14. Overtime will only occur in Semi-Final and Final Games.

15. All teams must have a First Aid Bag on the Bench at all Games.

16. All Teams must carry a minimum of $2 Million Dollars in Team Liability Insurance and the Tournament Committee MUST have a copy of your team Insurance before the start of the Tournament. No Insurance, No Play !!

17. All Team Managers must have on hand their team player birth Certificates and must be prepared to show them if requested by the Tournament Committee. If a players Identification is not available when requested, the team will have ( 1 ) hour to provide the identification or the Game will be Forfeited !! A Forfeit is a 5 Point Win or 3 Point Tie for any Illegal players, or not having Proper Identification. The Illegal team will receive “1” point for each Forfeited game. Add this line after the end of the rule - Any use of Illegal players or using players not registered on your first game sheet will be grounds for a forfeited game.

18. All Teams Must have a Qualified First Aider on the Team.

19. All Games will be 15-20-20 stop time periods with a flood every second period. Each team will be allowed a 3 minute warm up and each game has a 1 hr time slot. If an accident Should occur which results in a time delay or Ambulance being called, Then the Tournament Committee will notify each Team Coach that the clock will be dropped ( if we cannot finish the game in Regulation time) to two ( 2 ) minutes when there is Five ( 5 ) minutes left in the allotted Time. All games will be played in the allotted time. *** Any changes will be decided by the Tournament Committee and their decision is FINAL !!

20. All Team players and Coaches will Bump Gloves ( as a Way of shaking hands ) instead of the traditional Shaking Hands at the END of each Game.

21. All Home Teams Must wear light colored Jersey’s. If the home team does not have a light colored Jersey, The tournament Committee must be notified 1 hr. before the game so other arrangements can be made. It is the Home Teams responsibility to make sure this is done. If there Is a delay in the starting of the game, The home team will receive a 2 minute penalty for Delay of Game.

22. All Contact Teams must carry 2 Goalies ! The alternate goalie must be ready to play at all times.
If a goalie is injured he must be replaced within 2 minutes ( unless seriously injured ) The Replacement Goalie will be allowed two minutes to stretch and warm-up. Should the starting Goalie return, No warm-up will be allowed. NON-CONTACT teams can carry 1 Goalie BUT the above rule will apply for any injured Goalie. No extra time will be allowed for Equipment Changing

23. MERCY RULE: If a team is losing by a difference of 6 goals at the start or during the 3rd period then Straight running time will apply and all penalties will be 3 minutes for a Minor, 7 Minutes for a Major, and 15 minutes for a Misconduct. These Penalties will start at the drop of the Puck. If a Loosing team gets within 5 goals of the lead, Then Stop time will Resume.


ANY player who instigates a fight will be ejected for the rest of the Game and Further action may be imposed by the Tournament Committee. Their Decision will be Final !!

If a fight occurs, All skaters must go to their Team Bench. Goaltenders must stay in their Crease.
Any player leaving the bench will be suspended for the rest of the tournament. All fighting Penalties will be reviewed by the Tournament Committee and their decision will be Final.


A player may receive a 2 minute Minor or a 5 minute Major penalty from the referee depending on the severity of the Hit From Behind. The player will sit out the rest of the game. If the call is in the last 10 minutes of a game, The player will sit out the Next Game. If a 2nd Hit From Behind occurs from the same player That player will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament. ** See Review by Tournament Committee.

26. Electric Ice Sharpening Equipment is not allowed in any Dressing Rooms.

27. STICK INFRACTIONS : ( 3 ) stick infractions in one game, - GAME EJECTION.

28. OVERTIME : Overtime will only be allowed in Semi-Final and Final Games.

29. PROCEDURE : Five on Five for Two Minutes
Four on Four for One Minute
Three on Three for One Minute
Two on Two for One Minute
One on One Until One Team Scores

30. After the 2 minute or each 1 minute mini – period, The Horn will sound and the Face off will
Occur at the nearest point to the puck when the horn sounded.
- All Mini- Periods are Stop Time.
- You can change players on the fly during these Mini- Periods.
- You can Pull your Goalie for the extra attacker at any time.
- If a Penalty occurred in the last 2 minutes of regulation time, Then the Penalty will carry
Over into Overtime.

31. If a Penalty occurs during Overtime, The other Team will be awarded a Penalty Shot. The player who was involved in the Penalty must take the shot.


33. All Major Penalties will be reviewed by the Tournament Committee and Their Decision is Final !!

34. NO PROTESTS will be heard




RECORD BETWEEN THE TEAMS TIED if tied teams did not play against each other then goals for minus goals against will apply - The maximum goals allowed for a Goals For versus Goals Against differential in a blow out game will be 7 goals ( example - 9 to 1 game. maximum is 7 goals.
GOALS FOR minus Goals Against (best plus advances).

37. No Air Horns are allowed as they can break a Ear Drum. 

38. No Liquor or Beer is Allowed in Rinks During Tournament Games !!!

Good Luck To All Teams !!!!